In their second two-person show Astolifi Fine Art Gallery is proud to present BOSQUE 2. In this exhibition, artists Anke Schofield and Luis Garcia-Nerey explore the aesthetics of, and the psychology behind, the forest. In this exhibit, the two artists compare the social dynamics and the hierarchy within forest animals in relations to our own society. Though both artists approach the subject matter in their own way, the premise remains the same. The focus is on how we, in society, collectively interpret the forest and its inhabitants and how this interpretation greatly resembles our own social conventions. Schofield and Nereys’ aim is to expand on those perceptions through visual interactions between the viewer and their paintings. Whether the comparison is literal or abstract their intentions are to invite the viewer to see the similarities between both worlds. Astolfi Fine Art Gallery 1170 Howell Mill Rd, p-16, Atlanta, GA 30318 ph 404-307-0215