For this series of work, I am attempting to simulate the raw aesthetic of today’s urban landscape. The works are primarily based on a conceptual flight examining parts of urban society that are most likely to be overlooked. More specifically, I am referring to the back streets, alleyways, walk throughs, train yards, etc in our cities and their unnoticed beauty. Abandoned and oversaturated with layers of paint, torn ads and graffiti on the walls, these places draw a significant resemblance to the movement and balance of an abstract painting. Usually, these places are considered the backstage of society and are missed or rather, dismissed and unappealing to the eye. Even though, when studied and closely observed, they can be aesthetically beautiful and profound. For me, I see that beauty and I create it within the limits of the canvases. I do this in order to contain the chaos and bring it to an environment in which the works can be viewed without distractions. My intention for this exhibit is to take the participants on a flight, an “urban flight”, in which they can see something familiar in a different social dynamic. By doing this I am commenting on today’s social based importance on beauty and how subjective this ideology is.