New To The Gallery
Kevin Boyle and Luis Garcia-Nerey
March 3 – April 30, 2017

Bellevue, WA – Beginning in March Hall Spassov Gallery is pleased to present two new artists for 2017.  The work of Luis Garcia-Nerey and Kevin Boyle are, at first, decidedly different from one another.  A closer examination of each artist’s intent reveals cross over in ideals and purpose. Both artists explore the notion that the group and the individual are interrelated and each uses varying degrees of abstraction, executed with extremely different methods, inviting the viewer to participate in the work.  Boyle, a photographer, uses both old and new technologies together inviting an inward look at our human nature. Garcia-Nerey, a painter and sculpture, explores a similar introspection and often incorporates photographs and found object to realize his intent. Boyles latest work, Herd, is a dramatic and beautiful look at natural hierarchy and the commonality between the human and the animal within a group.  Garcia-Nerey’s abstracted paintings shine a light on the way those two groups shape each other and in the artist’s own words “I believe that our existence depends on one another.”  “As you interact with my work, you construct it and it constructs you.”  Both artists, although different in nearly every visible way, share a reflective interest in the human condition and both have explored and manifested this interest with exacting skill and approach.

Join us for the opening: FIRST FRIDAY, March 3rd, from 5-8PM. This exhibition will run through April 30th.  

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