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Carol Jazzar is proud to present Babylon, an installation by Luis Garcia-Nerey. With his upcoming exhibition, Babylon, Luis Garcia-Nerey compares today’s society with that of Babylon, the City of the ancient Mesopotamia. Babylon was a small town in it’s early years but sprung up into a major city by the beginning of the third Millennium BC, at the dawn of the dynasties. The city developed into a center of learning and scientific development. Babylon encouraged the study of literature, medicine, chemistry, mathematic, astronomy and architecture. Over-development was eventually it’s downfall. Garcia-Nerey believes that the same advances and possible fate exist in our society but the difference is in scale. “In today’s landscape, our society requires a more rapid pace (and more and more space) for growth; (resulting in) an overdevelopment of (the) community which ultimately leads to the recurrence of history” Garcia-Nerey’s ‘Babylon” deals directly with this growth and questions the components of a modern day Babylon, the overdevelopment of our cities (for us here, Miami) and our society at large. Using available, raw materials (like recycled pieces of woods), Garcia-Nerey will create an environment within the space where the viewer will become part of the piece. They will walk through a City surrounded by a maze of thousand of business-like men, all side by side on a pier like structure twinning through standing towers. The goal is to involve the viewer in a space in which they can immerse themselves in a modern day Babylon. It also explores the present state of our society and the “necessary or unnecessary growth of humanity”. Luis Garcia-Nerey has exhibited his work at the Albright-Knox Museum, NY; the Knoxville Museum of Art, TN; and is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Latin American Art, CA. This is his first solo show with the Gallery. For more information, Carol Jazzar 305 490 6906