Please join me for "Choices" opening November 22 thru December 13, 2014 @ Cheryl Hazan Gallery 35 North Moore Street New York, NY 10013 t. 212.343.8964 f. 212.343.2544 e. "Luis Garcia-Nerey’s powerful abstract paintings evoke an environment of passion, process, and philosophy. His paintings incorporate many layers of excavation, mark making, washes, and broad expanses of colors. The subtle narrative that is embedded in his work deals with the dynamics between Self and Other. Garcia-Nerey is interested in the concept that all things are countered by the existence of another, including the Self. Amidst this narrative he also intends his works to influence the viewer in many different directions, with no limits and little explanation. There is an elegant tension that pushes and pulls the surface with texture, line, and depth."